Sideman in the Studio


My love for the studio began when I was putting out records as the front-man. As a kid, of course I had a four-track and spent infinite hours experimenting with recording techniques. When my teenage band went to the studio for the first time, we had already made careful constructions on the home tape machine. I considered myself a producer as much as a player in those early years.

These days, I focus more on guitar performance in the studio setting - coming in to play all kinds of music on various guitar-like things. I tend to arrive at a session with 6 or 7 electric and acoustic options and can get as nerdy with pedals and amp tone as we have time for. Mostly, I have an obsession for melodic, singable solos, and I love getting called to put a few dewy-eyed moments on a great track.

Stylistically, I’m often pulled more in the Americana direction, pitching either towards soul, blues, country or California-flavored folk-rock. But I also love indie-rock; hiphop; pop; classical/chamber music; and West & South African, Brazilian & Afro-Cuban world music styles.

I also record at home!

Of course it’s more fun to create, together; but if logistics don’t allow, I have a full guitar recording suite. I work in ProTools and can send .PTX files or Stems of guitar, ready for your tracks. This solution is also great for commercial, television & film music.


Thanks to Lakin who grabbed these snaps while we were tracking some
fun e-Bow overdubs on her record, “Silent Conversations.”