Your right hand
guitar man.

From soul & blues, to eccentric world rhythms, to thoughtful singer-songwriter songs, you can find me, working to conjure some guitar magic into the grooves between. I don’t need to solo, but I will if you let me. I might treat each gig like church, but I believe in a passionate delivery of the songs we came to sing. I love to play live / I love creating in the studio. Wherever we can find the muse and a quiet space we can make loud, I’ll be ready to play.


Recent Projects


Hello, and welcome to my little website. My main passion is playing guitar behind some visionary, or another. On stage, in the studio, wherever we can play, I’m in! Occasionally, I put out records under my own name. You can learn about all of it, here:


Playing live is a drug.
I am an addict.

Here are some upcoming performance dates. Come check out a show!

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Going for the biggest laughs.

My first feature film score was for this bizarre, but charming space comedy. I had always envisioned myself working with an orchestra to bring a moviegoer to tears; instead, I was asked to put funny in the music, giving me a great and fulfilling challenge.

The latest film project on my desk, is another interesting comedy, and this time, I simply had to go overboard. The film's not quite out yet, but I'll post a song sample soon. 

Marcus Jones’ short film “A Seasonal Thing” hits festivals in Spring, 2019.

Marcus Jones’ short film “A Seasonal Thing” hits festivals in Spring, 2019.